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For lower level devices, part-task trainers and desktop simulators we offer hourly use rates, via our SERA cloud service.

SERA Cloud Service Pricing

For our SERA cloud service; pricing is based on the total number of hours that your suite of trainers uses SERA™ per month. The more it is used, the lower the rate, as low as $10 per hour.

If you have multiple trainers that happen to be using SERA concurrently, hours are counted on a per-trainer basis. This means that ten (10) hours with three (3) simulators using SERA at the same time is equivalent one (1) simulator using SERA for 30 hours.

SERA Hourly Rates

These prices are based upon a yearly contract. The minimum usage charge for SERA is $500 per month. All prices are in U.S. dollars and are subject to change.

Hours per month (total) Price per hour
over 640 $10.00
321-640 $12.50
161-320 $14.50
81-160 $17.00
41-80 $20.00
0-40 $24.00

A Helpful Example

If a suite of trainers uses SERA a total of 80 hours in one month, the total cost for that month is $1,760, averaging $22 per hour.

Pricing example
40 × $24 = $960
40 × $20 = $800
Total = $1,760

Free Evaluation

We are confident that you’ll find ASTi’s Simulated Environment for Realistic ATC (SERA) a crucial enhancement to your training regime and its effectiveness. Certain customers may qualify for a free 60-day evaluation. SERA in-the-cloud requires an Internet connection to operate. Contact us to see if you qualify, and to learn more about SERA.


Any installation charge will vary based upon your facility’s configuration. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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