Why is SERA the SATCE solution?

SERA™ was designed with aircrews in mind and was developed in close cooperation with flight instructors and well-qualified pilots. The result is a deeply immersive and instructionally invaluable flight training experience like nothing else on the market.

SERA meets, and often exceeds, the requirements outlined in ICAO Document 9625 “Manual of Criteria for the Qualification of Flight Simulation Training Devices,” keeping you not only on par with, but ahead of, the technical curve for flight simulation.

Air Traffic Control

SERA provides fully automated and interactive ATC on the ground and in the air, meaning your crew experiences an unparalleled, life-like communications environment. Radio transmissions are frequency and context specific. ATCs send instructions and respond to ownship-initiated messages.

Radio Skills Training

ATCs and background traffic reinforce the use of proper phraseology and require the crew to read back ATC instructions as appropriate. The crew learns to communicate assertively and to time radio transmissions when the frequency is open.

Weather Reporting

Weather conditions set in the training mission are automatically used in the weather reporting messages broadcast on the ATIS frequency. ATCs issue instructions based on the current runway, wind, and cloud conditions.

Simulated Traffic

SERA adds simulated traffic to training missions according to worldwide flight timetables. Traffic density, aircraft types, and airliners all match what the crew in the cockpit will experience in their external environment. Trainees develop situational awareness skills when they are able to see the traffic in the visual system and listen to it on the aircraft radios.

Instructor Control

SERA runs all simulated traffic and ATCs, but at the same time allows for instructor control and intervention for fine-tuning and to support training emergency procedures. Instructors are able to clear traffic to expedite the mission and force the simulated ATCs to make various radio calls - such as “go around” on short final - to simulate runway incursions or other emergency situations.

We here at ASTi have refused to believe that simulating high-fidelity ATC and contextually appropriate external air traffic are training needs that are too problematic to have a simple solution. Don’t think it’s possible? Give SERA a try. We would be happy to demonstrate our ready-to-deploy SATCE solution at your convenience.

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