Features + Benefits

Automated ATC

Meets stringent Line-Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) fidelity demands with custom configurations.

Simulated Traffic

Recreates some of the world’s busiest airspaces with adjustable simulated traffic levels.

Flexible Training

Supports real-time flight plan modifications due to traffic conflicts, inclement weather, and practice events triggered by a pilot or instructor.

State-of-the-Art Speech Recognition

Teaches and reinforces radio phraseology to new pilots, including nonnative English speakers.

Extensive Airport Database

Validates training procedures against the facilities’ navigation data and issues realistic SID and STAR clearances for every airport in the world.

Training Device Agnostic

Integrates with leading simulator manufacturers, from low-level simulators to Level D devices.

Easy Integration

Outputs AI aircraft in both standards-compliant and vendor-specific formats for easy integration with existing simulators.

Affordable Pricing

Accommodates training facilities of all levels and sizes, thanks to a sliding-scale pricing model.

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