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Improve pilot communication skills with ASTi’s web-based training service for flight schools and aviation training centers. Student pilots interact with simulated ATC, flying gate to gate with a variety of worldwide flight plans.

Increased Communication Skills

Teach students phraseology on this affordable, online platform, decreasing time spent on expensive flight training devices. The Pilot Phraseology Trainer also provides interactive training without instructor role-play. This cutting-edge speech and language-processing technology does the following:

  • Scores students based on adherence to official communication standards
  • Evaluates ICAO Level 4 proficiency measures, including pronunciation, structure, and comprehension of ATC communications
  • Varies air traffic controller accents by region
  • Acclimates students to radio sounds using realistic, injected noise
  • Develops understanding of radio protocols and press-to-talk operation

Web-Based Training

The Pilot Phraseology Trainer web interface supports both classroom and distributed training. Students simply connect a USB or bluetooth headset, log in using the browser, and begin a flight. The trainer provides feedback during and after lessons for students and instructors.

  • Web-based platform eliminates software installation and management.
  • Dynamic web pages show ATC interactions in real time.
  • The trainer allows instructors to add new flight plans.
  • Students and instructors can receive feedback for each voice interaction.
  • Web application program interface (API) supports integration with other software.

Superior Accent Support

The Pilot Phraseology Trainer recognizes student pilot accents and provides accented speech for simulated controllers. ASTi’s highly customized ATC speech recognition supports over 30 specific English accents, providing accurate transcription worldwide. The trainer supports accented speech in a variety of ways:

  • Understands diverse accents and non-standard speech patterns
  • Shapes ESL speakers’ speech patterns and pronunciations
  • Uses FAA 7110.65 and ICAO standard phraseology
  • Exposes students to jargons and accents from many regions
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