ASTi integrates SERA with Simthetiq X2 Visual System for SATCE-Compliant Flight Training


Advanced Simulation Technology inc. (ASTi) is pleased to announce its partnership with Simthetiq, a leading provider of 3D visual and training solutions for the civil aviation and defense sectors. This partnership successfully integrates ASTi’s Simulated Environment for Realistic ATC (SERA) product with Simthetiq’s X2 Visual System, powered by the leading aXion image generator. Deployed at the Chilean Army Flight Training Academy, this joint solution adds an unprecedented level of immersion and realism to pilot training. Together, ASTi and Simthetiq offer one of the only comprehensive solutions to replicate a flight training environment teeming with modern-day activity.

SERA provides realistic air traffic control (ATC) and other radio communications, teaching students to interact with controllers and cope with the sensory overload associated with busy airports and airspaces. Since instructors can select and run training scenarios through an intuitive interface, they no longer need to role-play ATC and can focus on crew training during each session. This solution enhances any flight training device, reducing instructor workload and bringing a level of pilot immersion previously unavailable.

SERA can now access X2 Visual System’s vast library of airports and realistic, 3D Simulation Entity models, recently updated with over 450 commercial aircraft and airliners. X2 Visual System is compliant with Level D and qualified on over 70 flight simulation training devices worldwide. SERA’s compatibility with X2 Visual System allows customers to upgrade their training realism to the next level. To learn more about SERA’s integration with X2 Visual System or view a demo, contact

SCEL/Santiago International (Simthetiq)

About Simthetiq

Founded in 2005, Simthetiq brings together a team of experienced professionals in the training and simulation field to serve the civil aviation and defense markets. Their proprietary image generator offers an immersive visual system that includes a library of high-quality airports and 3D models. As experts in simulation and training, they help aviation customers improve safety and bring their pilot training closer to reality. For more information, go to

About ASTi

ASTi is the leading supplier of communications, automated ATC and sound systems to the training and simulation industry. ASTi meets FAA, EASA and equivalent Level D qualifications with simulators around the world. Since 1989, ASTi has fielded over 11,000 systems at more than 800 installation sites in the U.S. and 49 other countries. To learn more about ASTi, go to

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