SERA for Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT)

Airlines around the world use two core pilot training methods: Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) and Crew Resource Management (CRM). While CRM focuses on things like group dynamics, leadership, interpersonal communications, LOFT represents a typical operational flight that challenges the crew through a realistic emergency or other high-stakes situations, but in a flight simulator.

One critical element of LOFT training is the realism of the flight training device. The higher the fidelity of the simulator (i.e., hardware) and its simulation environment (i.e., software), the more effective the training. Until recently, however, two important facets of realistic pilot training were missing: a complex air traffic control (ATC) radio communications environment and the existence of other planes.

Without these elements, pilot time in the simulator is an isolated and uninspired slog of rote procedure. Adding SERA to the training environment introduces the complexity of real-world ATC radio comms between all the ground and air controllers and every other aircraft at the airport and in the sky. SERA represents the missing link in LOFT training; without it, the simulation is simply not realistic.

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